How we support The People's Dispensary for Sick Animals.

From our mission statement :- "We believe in kindness to all animals and every year we donate to our nominated animal charities – we want to grow so we can give more."

From the start of our business we have donated 3% of every sale made to the PDSA. Thank you to our wonderful customers!

Here's a lovely thank-you letter we received from our last donation:

A message from PDSA:
On behalf of everyone at PDSA and all the animals we treat, thank you for your support. As a charity we receive no Government funding and rely on donations like this to keep our 48 hospitals operating, so please do pass on our thanks to everyone involved in making the donation. Our aim is to reach every pet owner within the UK who needs our support, and with help like yours, one day we hope this will be a reality. How your money helps: *It costs around £100 a night to treat a pet in intensive care, recovering from major lifesaving surgery. *£500 could provide enough anaesthetic for a month’s surgery. *£1000 could provide us with vital lifesaving equipment such as an infusion pump to keep pets safe during surgery. Once again, on behalf of all our pet patients, and families we help, thank you for your kind support, it really is appreciated – we couldn’t do it without you.



The PDSA – or People's Dispensary for Sick Animals – began over 150 years ago during the First World War. Maria Dickin, the daughter of a Free Church Minister, saw first hand the poverty in London caused by the war and the animals suffering due to a lack of veterinary care.

She began the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals of the Poor, providing free pet care from her home in Whitechapel, London.

Soon after, she was overwhelmed with demand and moved established a collection of mobile treatment services, travelling across the UK to offer pet care to those who could not afford it.

150 years later, the PDSA continues Maria's work, ensuring those most in need can access health care for their beloved pets.


How PDSA Help Animals

The PDSA is the foremost veterinary charity in the UK, with 48 clinics providing almost 3 million treatments every year. That's vital care for more than 470,000 pets!

Their dedicated team works to provide health care and educate and support local communities on all topics of pet health and care.

The PDSA has a network of staff, volunteers, and fundraisers covering all of their pet hospitals and charity shops and working with local animal charities and schools and attending fun days, talks, and fundraising events.

In addition to their pet hospitals, the PDSA also runs the PetWise Pet Health Hub online, a free service providing information about common pet illnesses, symptoms and medications. The site covers everything from eye conditions and skin allergies to joint pain and long term diseases.

The PetWise team also have vans and a mobile unit, all made possible thanks to financial support from the People's Postcode Lottery. Any pet owner can visit a PetWise van or mobile unit and have their pet given a health check, nail clipping and ear cleaning.

They also offer low-cost microchipping and running vaccination clinics, pet first aid courses, or classes for school children.

Free Health Care

Any pet owner living close to a PDSA pet hospital and receiving one of the following means-tested benefits is eligible for free treatment and medication:

  • Council tax support/reduction
  • Housing benefit
  • Universal credit (including housing element)

You are entitled to free treatment for one nominated pet (2 for rabbits or smaller pets).

For pet owners not receiving these benefits, you may still be eligible for low-cost vet care. If you receive any of the following financial support and live near a PDSA pet hospital:

  • Child tax credits
  • Working tax credits
  • Income support
  • JSA (job seeker's allowance)
  • ESA (employment and support allowance)
  • Disability living allowance
  • Personal independence payments
  • Pension credits
  • Universal credit (without housing element included)

You will be eligible for a reduction of up to 30% of standard veterinary treatments and medications. The price reduction will vary depending on the treatment or medication provided.

Any pet owner receiving benefits but not living close to a PDSA pet hospital may be eligible to join the Petcare scheme. This scheme offers low-cost treatments at partner veterinary practices if the pet owner makes a small monthly payment.

PDSA also offer 5-star Defaqto pet insurance, which was expert rated in 2020. Their range of policies provide cover for all budgets and include free 24/7 helpline advice.