Floofy Monsters is a UK, online only retailer providing competitive prices on unique, fun, colourful toys and accessories for your beloved dog and cat. 

 Through this Pandemic our mood was low, our pets were pent up and bored - we wanted more than the “run of the mill” average toys found on most websites. We wanted more Woofs, Purrs and Smiles for our Pounds. We wanted Honest Reviews. We wanted answers - can dogs and cats smile? See our Blog! We wanted something better.... 

To cut a long story short, we couldn’t find it, so we started our own Business. 

 Floofy Monsters, delivering Smiles to you and your pet

FLOOFY MONSTERS - “Delivering Smiles to you and your pet!” 

The name Floofy Monster describes the ability to be adorable even when being a pest!. 


Our Mission: 

To become the trusted leader in the UK of Cat and Dog Accessories which are:  

  • Original  
  • Fun  
  • Well made  
  • Useful  


We are achieving this by:  

  • Fast, reliable delivery direct to your door.  
  • Consistent and positive Social Media engagement.  
  • Publishing honest product reviews and encouraging community feedback.  
  • Testing everything we sell – we are pet owners too!  
  • Sharing the humorous side of pet ownership.  


We believe that “It's all about the Smiles!” 

We know that your pet is an essential member of your family. You and your pet's enjoyment are considered in every product that we source.  

We understand that the financial commitment of pet ownership can be substantial, so we are committed to finding only quality products that last.  

 Cats and Dogs have strong personalities and often make us laugh. We want to share these happy moments with our online community and encourage friendships through our love of our animals.  

 We believe in kindness to all animals and every year we donate to our nominated animal charities – we want to grow so we can give more. 


Since established we have managed to build up a reputable presence online. We have a great team and aim to grow our business more and more, offering our customers new and exciting products. 

Joanne, Founder of Floofy Monsters.