Lickalot Saver Bundle for Cats

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Part of our BOREDOM BUSTER RANGE, our LICKALOT SAVER BUNDLE FOR DOGS contains everything you need to keep your dog happily distracted through Lockdown.

This anxiety reducing bundle contains carefully chosen Lickimats and treats that will sooth and entertain your pet.  

PLUS Save £s when purchasing this exclusive bundle from FLOOFY MONSTERS! 

Lickalot Saver Bundle for Cats by Floofy Monsters

Your pet will enjoy: 

  • LickiMat SloMo –A durable pink and grey Lickimat mats designed to combine dry, wet, raw and especially soft or liquid cat foods and treats on the same time without creating a mess.  It can be used for treats or used as a complete and elegant feeder. -  
  • Lickimat™ Cat Sprinkles, Salmon, Catnip and Dill – A large tube of healthy hand baked crushed biscuits ready to sprinkle on your Lickimat™. There are plenty of recipe ideas available (LINK TO OUR BLOG) on creative ways to coat a Lickimat™ or you can keep it simple and convenient treat by using these yummy sprinkles. 
  • Lickimat™ Casper - A cheerful green with more complex surfaces designed specifically for cats to better emulate natural feeding for cats and to provide variety on the same surface.  These surfaces provide a varied challenge for cats to "chew out" the food or treat, much like they would in the wild, enriching the feeding the experience.  



🐾 Save £s when purchasing this carefully selected bundle from FLOOFY MONSTERS! 

🐾 Reduced anxiety from whisker stress- All cats are unique and different in their own way – just like humans.  No cat likes to have its whiskers touch the side of a bowl when feeding.  This causes “whisker stress” in most cats and is the main reason many cats pick their food out of a bowl and place it on the floor before feeding. 

🐾 Recommended for cats of all sizes – the LickiMat™ Casper has complex, thinner and deeper pockets whilst having a soothing texture in the tail allowing soft and liquid foods to be licked out with extra tongue simulation.  LickiMats™ allow you to present raw, wet, dry and liquid foods on a single platter without mixing them or making a mess! Keep in mind that you can use any LickiMat™ as a replacement for your cat feeding bowl!  Your cat will thank you for it 

🐾 Improved oral health - The rubber tips of LickiMat™ gently scrape and stimulate your cat’s tongue whilst feeding or snacking.  This increases saliva protection, improves oral hygiene, protects teeth and gums, and most importantly soothes your cat by releasing endorphins. 

🐾 Slower and Healthier Feeding – LickiMats™ are vet designed and provide a perfect feeding surface for cats.  LickiMats™ allow you to spread out the cat food or treat on the mat surface or press the cat food or treat into the mat surface, encouraging your cat to crouch and feed more naturally. 

🐾 Very Easy To Clean   

Great Reasons to buy Lickalot Saver Bundle for Cats from Floofy Monsters



Bundle Contains: 

Lickimat™ SlowMo, Pink and Grey - size width 20cm  x 20 cm 

LickiMat™ Casper, Green – size width 17cm  x 17cm  x  depth 8 cm 

Lickimat™ Sprinkles Cat, Salmon, Catnip and Dill –150gm tube 

 Is  Lickalot Saver Bundle for Cats the right size for your cat


🐈 All sizes and breeds of cats. 

Lickimats™ not to be used as a chew toy.  

Lickimat™ Sprinkles are Not suitable for kittens under 8 weeks. 



Lickimat™ is made from non-toxic human food grade TPR and recyclable polypropylene. 

Lickimat™ Sprinkles Cat- Salmon, Catnip and Dill contains 150gms of Rye flour, dried Salmon, oils & fats, Dill, Catnip, Minerals. 



Lickimat™ Slomo is dishwasher safe, so you can even wash them in the lower tray. Lickimat™ is easy to hand-wash in the sink.    

 Both Lickimats™ are microwave friendly, so you can cook meals in the microwave; they are freezer-friendly, so you can freeze treats on them.  



Please read all product packaging literature and product labels before use.  


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